Joe And Evan: Adam Gase Is Lost

Joe & Evan
October 07, 2019 - 1:38 pm

Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, both of whom are outspoken Jets fans, hated the Adam Gase from the start but admitted they hoped they'd eventually be proven wrong.

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Four games in — all losses — the WFAN midday hosts are still as worked up about Gase as they were back in January.

"I didn't think that the coaching could get worse (than) with Todd Bowles," Benigno said Monday, a day after the Jets lost to the Eagles 31-6. "This guy's lost. This guy's lost. And I understand he's got a quarterback playing who's not a professional quarterback (Luke Falk) — I get that — and an offensive line that may be the worst offensive line I've seen in the history of the franchise. I mean, it's up there. It's unbelievable how bad they are. With that said, I mean, some of the things he's doing yesterday — bro, tell me what he's doing."

Benigno ripped a number of offensive play calls for their predictability and lack of creativity. He also criticized Gase's decision to attempt a 55-yard field goal on fourth-and-3 at the end of the first quarter when the Jets were already down 14-0.

"What does he think, Jan Stenerud suddenly appeared?" Benigno said. "I mean, seriously, Morten Andersen showed up? I mean, what? What? I mean, forget even that. Go for the first. You're not winning this game kicking a field goal."


Benigno also slammed Gase for giving Darnold all the practice reps up until Friday despite the quarterback, who is trying to return from a bout with mono, not being cleared by doctors for contact.

"It wouldn't have mattered, but, I mean, even that, what are you doing there?" Benigno said. "What's that all about?"

Adam Gase
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Of course, Gase's defenders are quick to point to Darnold missing the last three games.But Roberts doesn't want to hear that.

"Every excuse is being written for him," he said. "That's all I hear — excuse, excuse, excuse. You know, the Pittsburgh Steelers are on their third quarterback. They almost won a game yesterday. The Carolina Panthers are starting an undrafted free agent. And I get that every circumstance is different ... but the NFL, to me, is a no-excuse business, and all I hear — excuse, excuse, excuse.

"And the confusion that he had on fourth-and-(3), which led to burning a timeout and then ultimately making the wrong decision, which is letting him (Sam Ficken) try a 55-yard field goal, shows you this guy's in over his head," Evan continued. "He wasn't a good coach in Miami. He's not a good coach here. And what sucks for you and I and everybody else that's dumb enough to root for this team is it's not going to be one-and-done with him. You're probably going to get more of him because every excuse is being written for him."

To listen to the Joe and Evan's opening segment from Monday, in which they also discuss the Yankees, click on the audio player above. (The Jets talk begins around the 9:10 mark.)