Jim Kaat Looks Back At The Life Of Thurman Munson

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August 02, 2019 - 3:59 pm
Thurman Munson

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Former pitching great and MLB Network analyst Jim Kaat joined Evan Roberts and John Jastremski on WFAN Friday to look back at the life of Yankees legend Thurman Munson. Friday was the 40th anniversary of his tragic passing. 

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Kaat was on that Yankees team the day Munson passed away in a plane accident. 

"We were all just numb about it for quite a while ... as the Angels are now. You really play the rest of the season on a fog. It's really like it doesn't mean much," said Kaat. 

"Everybody was emotional about it. They had a vacant spot ... already had Thurman's locker cleared out and his uniform hanging there, so that was honoring Thurman," the 283-game winner said. "That night was tough to get through. The happy side of it, if you can say something is happy in a situation like that, is when we played Monday after the funeral and Bobby Murcer had the great day for his friend Thurman and we came back and won that game." 

What is it that made Munson so great? 

"He was pretty unfiltered. He was going to let you know how he felt. I think what made him a great catcher, we didn't have analytics then, thank goodness. We were able to use our intuitive and instinctive skills. Thurman was unpredictable. That was fun to pitch to him. That is what made it a little difficult for the hitters to guess along with him as well." 

You can hear the entire interview in the audio player above.