Jets' Quinnen Williams Ready To Have A Bigger Impact Next Season

Defensive Lineman Joins Boomer And Gio On Radio Row

Boomer and Gio
January 31, 2020 - 3:12 pm

Last year, many football analysts viewed defensive lineman Quinnen Williams as the best player in the NFL Draft. But after a rookie season with the Jets that saw Williams sack the opposing quarterback just 2.5 times while struggling to make consistent impact plays, the third overall draft pick had a disappointing start to his career.

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Williams joined WFAN’s morning show ‘Boomer and Gio’ live from Radio Row in Miami ahead of Super Bowl LIV to discuss his rookie year.

“It definitely was a great experience, definitely frustrating at times, but you go through a lot to learn a lot,” Williams told Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti. “I went through a lot and the growth is tremendous going into the second year and the experience is tremendous going into the second year. So I feel like my second year will be way better than my first year due to the experience and the trials and tribulations I went through my first year.”

Gio asked Williams specifically about those trials and tribulations from his first season with the Jets, and what made his rookie campaign difficult at times?

“Not making the big plays,” Williams answered.  “Just not doing great like I expected, not hitting the goals I expected,” but Williams also notes it’s all about growing as a player.

“I talked to coaches and players at the end of the year and the different things I need to work on,” the Jets defensive lineman continued. “During the offseason I’ll definitely dial in on that, definitely dial in on my nutrition and things that will help me be a better player throughout the whole game.”

After Williams was selected by the Jets third overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, the defensive lineman went viral in a video where he sneezed, quickly blessed himself and said thank you. Gio asked the 22-year old about the video being viewed and shared as much as it was.

Williams laughed and said he was surprised it took off so quickly, adding “every time I go somewhere [people are like> bro you’re the boy that sneezed and blessed yourself.”

Shortly after the Draft, Williams also said he was “starstruck” when meeting a lot of his new Jets’ teammates. Bein at Radio Row with all of the NFL greats like Joe Montana walking by and sitting on set with former MVP quarterback Boomer Esiason, Gio asked Williams if he was getting starstruck again?

Without hesitation, Williams highlighted seeing Houston-based Pastor Joel Osteen. Not a fan of taking selfies because they look “weird” having to put your faces so close together, Williams said he instead hopes to get Osteen’s signature on a book.

Lakewood Church pastor and author Joel Osteen throws out the first pitch before a game Jun 23, 2012; Houston, TX
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Boomer also asked about playing defense on the same field as Jets All-Pro safety Jamal Adams.

“He’s an alien, he’s the man, he can do it all,” Williams said. “He can pass rush, cover, intercept the ball, he’s a different human being on that field.”

In terms of being a teammate on and off the field, Williams said Adams is amazing. “He jokes around, plays around with us, he has fun. He’s an enjoyable person, his energy is always at 100, everywhere we go, anything we do, his energy is at 100, his leadership is at 100, everything he does is at 100. I’m glad to be on his team, I’m glad to have a person like him to mentor me.”