Jeff Hornacek


Jeff Hornacek Addresses Knicks Firing For First Time

'I Absolutely Want To Be Back Coaching'

February 10, 2019 - 3:13 pm


It's been almost a year since the Knicks gave Jeff Hornacek the pink slip in what was a tumultous tenure coaching the team. 

Hornacek joined ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski's podcast to talk for the first time about being fired from the Knicks and his time with the franchise. 

"We felt like we were on the right path," Hornacek said on The Woj Pod. "It felt a little like unfinished business for us. But that's the NBA." 

Hornacek was hired in 2016 by Phil Jackson. He received the pink slip after finishing 29-53 in another disappointing year last season. The Knicks were 23-32 before Kristaps Porzingis tore his ACL. They crumbled after that, going a brutal 6-21 the rest of the way. The Knicks were a rebuilding team, but Hornacek's teams were awful in the second half of the season after a solid start. 

"You can't expect a rebuilding situation and go out there and win 50 games. That's why they call it rebuilding," Hornacek said before the end of last season.

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The triangle was not very effective in Hornacek's tenure. Both the coach and Jackson were sent packing because of their failures. 

"What Phil wanted to do is mix his Triangle principles with today's game," Hornacek said. "We tried to mix it up and I probably wasn't as successful as I'd like to be on that. We used aspects of it. He was never saying, 'Hey, you need to go full Triangle.' He saw that the game had changed. But he saw there was a lot of parts of the Triangle that's still playing basketball.

"It takes that time," Hornacek added. "Carmelo knew how to run the Triangle. He's a smart player. But when it gets down to it, you need five guys that are on the court to really understand all the parts and little details. And that's why I say it takes years for a group to stay together."

Hornacek is ready to get another job somewhere in the NBA, which likely would come as an assistant. 

"I absolutely want to be back coaching and getting back at it after a little break here," Hornacek said.