J.D. Davis: 'We Were On The Fence Before We Got Stroman'

LISTEN: Mets Outfielder Joined Mike Francesa

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August 22, 2019 - 4:20 pm

J.D. Davis has been one of the best hitters on the planet since the All-Star break. Wednesday night, he ripped a walk-off base hit to give the Mets a comeback victory over the Indians. Davis has been nothing short of extraordinary for this Mets team this season.

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Davis joined WFAN's Mike Francesa Thursday to talk about his big hit Wednesday. 

"His bread and butter, his go-to is that slider, it's devastating, that's why he has been in the league for so long. Give him credit. He was making a lot of good pitches," Davis said on WFAN. "Once I got to 0-2, if I was going to go down looking, I was going to go down looking on a fastball in. He ended up actually throwing two that I took that if I actually would have swung at those, I probably would have broken my bat and probably hit a little dribbler right back at him or I would have rolled over to Ramirez at third. I told myself, get him out over the plate and he's going to want to tie me up, not really get extended, try to get that slider that starts a little more middle way up, that way it comes right back in the middle of the plate. I fouled off some tough pitches and got one that hung up and I made sure I told myself pitches before to keep the same swing and finish up and don't try to roll over. That's what I did and kept with my approach and got one over the plate.

"It was kind of that poker face of who is playing chicken. I just stuck with my two strike approach, really key-holed him, really worked to get a pitch that I can swing at." 

The Mets are right in the thick of a playoff race, just 1.5 games out of the second NL Wild Card spot. It's been a roller coaster ride, but this team is playing its best baseball at the right time and having fun doing it. 

"It been absolutely a blast man. We're having so much fun. I keep telling the guys, it feels like we're having a game every 20 minutes," Davis said. "It feels like we're never home because we're always here at the field. Everybody loves baseball. Everyone knows there is a quiet demeanor about us right now in the clubhouse. Everybody is doing their homework. Not just me, guys are taking accountability in the cages, in the video room, making sure their bodies are ok. It's been fun. Everybody is kind of diving into it. We were on the fence before we got Stroman. We didn't know if we were going to be buys or sellers. Obviously there were a bunch of rumors going on, but I remember we were being on the plane and we got Stroman and there was a bunch of tweets and texts coming in, and we all looked at each other and were like, 'alright, I guess we're doing it.' It meant to us huge that we're in it and we're gonna give it all we got." 

Davis had only nice things to say about Pete Alonso, but Davis has to let Alonso know that he isn't the only one who can hit baseballs a long way.

"I got to let him know that he's not the only one that has power, that's for sure. I got to keep him on the ground. You're not the only one that can hit the ball 450 feet or whatever," Davis said. "Consistently, I try to square the ball up. When you get a little early on pitches and you got the same swing, that's really when balls can travel far. Credit Chili Davis, Slater and all them just getting me right." 

Davis looked at the series against the Giants, despite losing a couple games in extra innings, as the series that got them going. Most recently, beating the Nationals two out of three in front of a rowdy Citi Field crowd is what really boosted their confidence. 

"It's been crazy. So many guys have talked about 2015 about how the stadium has been packed and the energy of the fans they bring to the ballpark. You put one-two together and paint a picture of it, but when you're actually out there in left field and you're in the batter's box, you can't even hear yourself breathe. It's pretty mind blowing. 

The Mets have been down in games like Wednesday and find ways to come back and win. They don't give up. 

"It's rare how we get in the dugout and we're excited, especially when Rosie hit that leadoff double. We knew that we were just one or two pitches away from tying this game. You can feel the energy with the guys and obviously with the crowd."