Heyman On WFAN: Vargas, Wheeler Unlikely To Fetch Large Returns For Mets

Syndergaard Headlines Pitchers Potentially On The Move

Joe & Evan
July 24, 2019 - 2:51 pm

Jason Vargas is putting forward his best audition tape heading into the trade deadline.

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Vargas has been victorious in his past two outings, including Wednesday’s 5-2 win over the San Diego Padres, when he struck out eight batter across six innings. With the Mets likely to become sellers at the July 31 deadline, Vargas’ time with the team appears to be dwindling. On Wednesday, WFAN baseball insider Jon Heyman joined “Joe and Evan” to talk about the potential interest regarding Vargas as well as fellow Mets' starters Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard.

“I think Vargas helped his position, but I don't know that he's seen as a playoff pitcher for any World Series contender,” Heyman said. “I mean, he obviously has a track record and he’s a solid mid- to lower-rotation starter, so I don't think they're going to get a ton for him. But I do think he's likely to be traded.

“I hear optimism on Wheeler being traded, but that's maybe because it's a seller’s market and teams will be desperate. But that's a gamble for any acquiring team."

The potential of a low return for a quality starter of Wheeler's and Vargas’ stature worried WFAN's Joe Benigno, a Mets fan who wants the team to replenish its lost assets.

“Can I ask you one thing here as a Met fan?" Benigno said. “Are they going to trade these guys? Are they just going to dump these guys, or are they going to get something for these guys?”

Benigno recalled the past misfortune of the Mets trading reliable relief pitcher Addison Reed to the Boston Red Sox for three minor league pitchers – Jamie Callahan, Stephen Nogosek and Gerson Bautista, with Nogosek being the lone pitcher still with the organization.

“Did they get anything from that trade?" Benigno asked. "Two guys aren't even in the organization anymore, and the other guy is terrible. Is it going to be that kind of a trade?”

While the price isn’t high on Vargas, Heyman said there is the potential of a qualifying offer for Wheeler.

“Assuming he doesn't have any more shoulder issues, pitches the season out, you'd make him a qualifying offer," Heyman said. "He's certainly good enough for that.


“I think they can get a prospect, but teams do not give up top-100 prospects unless you're trading like a (Matt) Boyd, who has like three years to go or a (Madison) Bumgarner, who’s got an incredible postseason history."

The subject quickly turned to the Syndergaard market. He could warrant a monumental return for the Mets if they decide to deal him. Syndergaard won four of his last five outings and leads the team with seven wins. The Mets have their eye on Gleyber Torres, but Heyman agreed that is far-fetched.

“I think that's the Mets' target,” Heyman said. "I do think the Yankees like Syndergaard so much, and understandably -- he has two years to go, incredible talent pitching well now. They (the Yankees) would give up a package including (Deivi) Garcia and (Clint) Frazier probably and others.”