Hank Azaria on 'CMB': Mets Are Playing Relevant Games Well

Moose & Maggie
August 21, 2019 - 4:16 pm

Hank Azaria normally expects for the other shoe to drop being a New York sports fan. 

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The actor and comedian joined "CMB" as Chris Carlin's co-host on Wednesday. Azaria discussed how he came to be a Mets and Jets fan, and analyzed how the Mets turning their season around still leaves him in disbelief. Carlin asked Azaria where the confidence level as a Mets fan is at as the team nears the final stretch of the season. 

"As a Met fan, you're always expecting the other shoe to drop. And not in a good way," Azaria said. "But in baseball in general, Bob Costas said 'baseball season is very long. It's not a novel though. It's a collection of short stories'. And he's right; any given 30 game stretch, something different could very much happen ...

"All you can ask as a Met fan is that your team has relevant games in the second half, which I'd given up on. I'd usually given up on it most every year. But they're playing relevant games and they're playing them well. It's exciting baseball."

The Mets opened up a three-game series against the Indians with a 9-2 win Tuesday night. Michael Conforto smashed his 27th home run of the season, while JD Davis added a home run of his own — his 15th this season. Steven Matz increased his win total to 8 games as the Mets sit two games behind the Cubs for the second wild card spot, three games behind the Nationals. 

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Azaria went on to discuss his earliest and fondest sports memory. 

"I was six years old in 1970," Azaria stated. "In '69, the magic year that it was to be a Mets and Jets fan, I was too young. I was oblivious. My earliest memory is Willis Reed walking on the court in 1970 in the playoffs and all of the men in my family freaking out in front of the television. And them sort of filling me in on the legend of Willis Reed and the Knicks."

Azaria's fandom led Carlin to ask what specifically led the New York native to become a fan of the Mets and Jets, two of the long-suffering teams in New York sports. When it comes down to being a fan, it never is a choice. 

"The Mets were pretty good in those early 70's. They went back in '73 and I was hugely excited - I mean, I was nine for that. Those were my heroes," Azaria said. I missed Namath's magic run in '69, but he still is the Jets' quarterback. And his swagger all through the 70's was incredible so I was a huge Joe Namath fan. I grew up right near Shea so I had no choice. Nobody chooses that. Nobody is insane enough to choose that. You have to get born into it.