Francesa On OBJ: 'Send This Guy Packing!'

Mike's On
October 22, 2018 - 6:05 pm
Odell Beckham Jr. prior to the game against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium.

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Odell Beckham Jr. has made plenty of headlines this season, but none of which have been for the right reasons.

Between more outbursts on the sidelines to his controversial interview about quarterback Eli Manning, the Giants' offense and his happiness in New York, Beckham has certainly caused some headaches for owner John Mara less than two months after receiving a record $95 million contract.

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Late last week, Odell Beckham Sr. joined the fray when he published a post on Instagram criticizing Mara for his comments on his son, including a video showing Mara throwing a chair in his suite while watching a game.

Mara has not yet responded, but Mike Francesa had plenty to say on the topic during Monday's edition of Mike's On. 

"That John Mara would tolerate this for two minutes..." Francesa said during his fiery rant about Beckham. "John Mara is a better guy than me because I'd trade him for green stamps if he did this to me after I gave him $100 million. I would trade him out of here. He would never wear the uniforms of my grandfather's and father's- he would never wear that uniform again if that was me... That you would take that from one of the family members that you just paid their son $100 million, when he has done nothing but embarrass this uniform since the day he stepped in it? When is it enough? Listen, there is losing and then there is losing your soul and your pride as a team. When is enough enough?

"Since Odell Beckham has been here, what have they won? And this is a franchise that has done nothing but win in the last 25 years before this. Get smart. Take the pain. I know Eli's old. Fine don't make it about Eli anymore. Build around [Saquon> Barkley. But do yourself a favor. As soon as humanly possible, and if it's not next week then next year- send this guy packing! Please! When is enough enough? He hoodwinked you guys. As soon as he got his money, he rubbed your nose in it! As an owner, how would you ever, ever take this?"