Mike Francesa: Jets 'Would Have Been Better Off' Trading Adams

Listen: Gang Green Doesn't Need Players Who Make It About Themselves

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October 30, 2019 - 6:38 pm

Jamal Adams is upset after the Jets listened to offers for him ahead of Tuesday's trade deadline, but WFAN's Mike Francesa is tired of the safety's selfish attitude. 

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Adams believes Jets GM Joe Douglas went behind his back, shopping him to other teams Tuesday. When the star safety met with reporters Wednesday, he said he wasn't ready to have a conversation with Douglas yet, noting the Patriots don't take trade calls on Tom Brady and the Rams don't take calls on Aaron Donald.  

"This is the problem with this kid as I've told you all along," Francesa said, adding the Adams has "separated himself from the team all along, 'I'm good they're bad. They lose, I don't lose.'" 

"He's a nice player, he's not a great player," Francesa said of the Jets Pro Bowl safety who put himself in an elite class.

"The Rams don't take calls on Aaron Donald, the Pats don't take calls on Tom Brady, okay what does that have to do with you?" Mike asked of Adams. "Since when are you in that league? You don't belong even being discussed in the same sentence with those guys."

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman carries the ball as Jets safety Jamal Adams defends Sep 22, 2019; Foxborough, MA
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Adams plays with visible energy and passion, but the Jets have remained a losing franchise with their popular safety on the field.  

"To compare himself to Tom Brady, would you please? Get over yourself, what do you have in common with Tom Brady? Except you both wear helmets," Francesa said emphatically. "Get lost, they can lose without you, they've lost and been terrible with you, they can be just as bad without you."

According to Francesa, the Jets weren't wrong in fielding trade offers for Adams, in fact they may have been better off collecting draft picks in return for the disgruntled safety. "He is a child, he acts like a child, and you don't need guys like that. You don't rebuild with guys like that, you get rid of guys like that."