Francesa Goes Off On Road Conditions In NYC Thursday

Mike's On
November 16, 2018 - 5:06 pm
Traffic going eastbound lane of Route 46 in Totowa this afternoon during the height of the snowstorm.

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New York City underwent its first snow storm of the season Thursday evening.

The city was covered by a few inches of snow, but based on the traffic around New York, one would think it was hit by a blizzard.

WFAN's Mike Francesa was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame Thursday night. Prior to the ceremony, Francesa, along with Jim Nantz and a WFAN cohort, dealt with a travel experience that can be described as nothing short of an absolute nightmare.

Francesa opened Friday's edition of Mike's On with an epic rant about the traffic and road conditions around New York City Thursday, something that many New Yorkers can likely relate to.

"What went on in the city yesterday...?" Francesa asked. "What happened? We had people from Chicago there last night saying, 'You people are clowns. This is like going to the beach this kind of snow storm. How does it stop the city?'... I don't know what happened. I would love to hear what happened. You couldn't get down a city block if your life depended on it last night. People were getting out of cars on the highways.

"You would have thought it was a four-foot snow storm yesterday. I have no idea. So I'm sure all of you last night were somewhere in the same predicament. If you were, I hope it didn't take you four hours to get from the office to 59th street for a dinner."