Francesa: Eagles Game Is Last Chance For Giants To Get It Right

Mike's On
October 11, 2018 - 4:22 pm
Sterling Shepard



The New York Giants are 1-4 and coming off a heartbreaking 33-31 loss to the Carolina Panthers. There were some positives from the loss, but it was ultimately still a loss. Now things are set up for a must-win game for both the Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles when they meet in New Jersey on Thursday night.

Mike Francesa led off his show today by elaborating on a simple fact; Thursday is the Giants' last chance to put together a successful 2018 season. If they don't win in Week 6, the rest of the season becomes a lot less important. 

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"The bottom line is the nonsense has to stop," said Francesa on 'Mike's On.' "The mistakes have to stop. The other team doing whatever it takes to win has to stop. The Giants need to win a football game and they need to win it tonight. That's all there is to it. If they don’t, why would we in any way take them even the least bit seriously? If they have anything, they win this game tonight. They're home on a Thursday night. They're playing a defending champion. They're inside their division against a major rival. And the home team on Thursday night always has an advantage. There's no reason in the world that this team can not win this game."

The Eagles' struggles so far have been well documented. Last year they won their first ever Super Bowl title, but this year they look like a completely different team as they currently sit at 2-3. The NFC East in itself is one of the weakest divisions in the NFL this year, but, as Francesa says, the Giants are running out of excuses as to why they keep losing. 

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"The Giants ... have an opportunity, but this is it. This is their last opportunity. They had an opportunity against the Jaguars and they fell five points short. They had an opportunity against the Cowboys and they laid a big egg, and it was much more than the seven points that it looked like on the scoreboard. They beat the Texans in a game that we really thought would propel them, and they come off that and then, having chances against the Saints, let the game fall apart in so many ways ... and then of course get beat by an historic field goal after they make a big run from way back in the fourth quarter ... no one cares about anything to do with nonsense. No one cares about Beckham's nonsense ... No one wants to hear who is injured. The bottom line is show up tonight and win a football game, or just go away."

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