Nate Solder Talks Contract, Giants, His Son

Newest Giants LT Joined Joe & Evan

Joe & Evan
June 01, 2018 - 3:12 pm




The Giants offensive line was an absolute abomination last season. That should change this year in large part to the signing of left tackle Nate Solder. The former Patriots offensive lineman signed a four-year, $62 million deal with Big Blue in the offseason. Solder joined WFAN's Joe & Evan Friday to talk about the new contract and his new team. 

"I stepped into a solidified system," Solder told Joe & Evan People have been a part of that program for a long time and they kind of just taught me the way. And when I came here, it's new coaches, a lot of different players from all over the really just trying to kind of find our identity, and trying to define what that is rather than just be set in stone of what it was. I have full confidence that Coach Shurmur and all the coaches know what they're doing. I'm just following their lead and trying to do the best I can." 

With the way the Giants struggled, specifically the offensive line, the pressure is on Solder here in New York. 

"There's a tremendous amount of pressure and I've been under a tremendous amount of pressure for years now. You can only take it one bite at a time. You go one day better. It's not going to be one person that is going to fix everything. It's going to be a group effort. We got to win as a team." 

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Solder got that huge contract in the offseason, and it was a rare time that an offensive lineman gets the chance to get paid big time.

"We have such a short opportunity to make any kind of money," said Solder. "Why not take that opportunity? Honestly, and you guys don't know me that well, but my hope isn't just for the Solder family, this is going to be for the community, this is going to be for a lot of underserved people. We really just hope it doesn't become selfish and worldly and consumed with our own goods, but it's something that can bring light and hope to this world." 

Unfortunately, Solder's son was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago at just three months old. He had tumors in his kidney, and they were bulging out of his stomach. Luckily, his son is starting to get better and is fully functioning at three years old now. 

"Football became my outlet rather than the biggest source of stress in my life," said Solder. "You walk into a football locker room, there's a bunch of dudes just hanging out and having fun, playing a game. It's really a way to kind of release a lot of emotions when you're out on the practice field or out on the game field. It's your one opportunity to hit something, hit somebody, take out some of that frustration, that anger, and that's been really therapeutic for me."