Evan Roberts On Mets: 'It Feels As If We Were Fooled'

Joe & Evan
August 15, 2019 - 3:46 pm

Mets fans were calling for Mickey Callaway's head after their 6-4 loss Wednesday night to the Braves. Callaway decided to pull Steven Matz with just 79 pitches after six innings and go to Seth Lugo in the 7th inning.

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Lugo got rocked and the Mets lost the game. Evan Roberts opened Thursday's show reacting to the loss that dropped the Mets three games out of the Wild Card. 

"There is such a fine line between being smart aggressive and being overaggressive," Roberts said on WFAN. "If Josh Donaldson starts the 7th with a walk, a single, a double, I am all in on going to Seth Lugo and I'll worry about the 9th inning when you get to the 9th inning. I don't have an issue with using Seth Lugo like a weapon."

Steven Matz was cruising after six. He retired 14 straight hitters and had only gave up two hits on the night. 

"My issue is let Matz start the 7th. I acknowledge he gave up laser beams in the 6th and I acknowledge and Josh Donaldson is even likely to get a hit against Steven Matz. And when he does, fine, take him out. When you've retired three, six, nine, 14 in a row ... the man deserves a chance to start the 7th inning. I just think he was too aggressive in making that move." 

Wednesday's loss could haunt the Mets for a while. They have now lost three straight and a once half game deficit is now three. 

"I felt the season was on the line, that this was it," Roberts said. "Either we are all going to be euphoric saying wow, I can't believe they overcame this, this is amazing, pinch me ... or we're all going to be depressed, freak out and think this baby is over, and he strikes out against Jerry Blevins. And I got the broadcaster getting excited on a foul ball by 10,000 feet. It feels as if we got fooled. It feels as if last weekend was 18 months ago and it feels like this is going to be the loss you think about when the Mets are playing meaningless September games." 

Marcus Stroman will start for the Mets Thursday night in Atlanta as they try and avoid the sweep and fall any more games in the playoff chase. 

You can hear the entire opening monologue in the audio player above.