LISTEN: Carlin Goes OFF On Mets Honoring Matt Harvey With Video Tribute

Carlin, Maggie & Bart
August 06, 2018 - 4:33 pm

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The Mets will be honoring Matt Harvey Monday night before their game against the Reds with a video tribute. Chris Carlin did not know about this until Maggie Gray told him on the air on WFAN Monday. That is when radio gold ensued. Here are some of the highlights.

"What are they doing? What did Matt Harvey do here that he deserves a tribute video? Oh my god. Where's the Asdrubal Cabrera tribute video? Are we going to get that later in the year? I'm being dead serious here. They are giving Matt Harvey a tribute video? That's an utter embarrassment! 

"Are you going to show him begging his way back into Game 5 of the World Series and making it about him? Are they going to show him bitching and moaning every other time that he was unhappy about being taken out of a game? Are they going to replay some of his comments in spring training because he couldn't be near the other guys, his locker when he was hurt?

"I hope the tribute video is going to include plenty of rehab footage. How about the pitcher when he gives the finger when he had Tommy John that going to be in there? Matt Harvey couldn't get out of here fast enough. Are they going to show when he went to Jeter's last game? Are we going to see that in the tribute video? Matt Harvey could not have done more to lose a fan base if he tried. Do we have video of him oversleeping in the playoffs and showing up late? Wow. What are they doing?"


Listen to the entire rant above.