Brodie Van Wagenen On WFAN: Mets Can Contend As Is

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May 20, 2019 - 2:39 pm


Things are beginning to spiral out of control for the 2019 New York Mets. The team fell to 20-25 after getting swept by the miserable Marlins. Yet Monday, Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen addressed the media to say that they have full confidence in manager Mickey Callaway and he will manage the team for the foreseeable future. 

Van Wagenen joined WFAN's Mike Francesa Monday to discuss everything he talked about in his press conference.

What has made the GM so confident that Callaway is the manager to get it done going forward? 


"He has the respect of the clubhouse. I think when things go poorly, you start to see fracturing of the players amongst each other, the players to the coaches and division starts," Van Wagenen told Francesa. "We have not seen that. I have been around this team a lot and I see nothing but constant support from Mickey's coaching staff to the player and vice versa. We just haven't played well enough and I'm not going to put that and the organization is not going to put that on Mickey. We all have to look ourselves in the mirror here. Players understand their burden and I understand mine.

"He has maintained a level of calm and he's been able to galvanize the players and coaching staff. He is not allowed those players to give up on themselves. He's still the right guy for now and the right guy to lead this team going forward." 

The Mets have been a complete disappointment so far this year. They were expected to make a run for the playoffs, but are under .500 and losers of five straight. 

"I'm disappointed with how we have played," said Van Wagenen. "We have not played as well as we are capable and we have not played as well as we wanted to play. We have the ability to get back on track. We have the right chemistry to do so. My confidence in our ability to start winning games is has not dampened. We have to face reality. We're five games under .500. Our probability to win the division went down from where it was Opening Day. We still think we can change that direction and certainly change the momentum as we head into the next game."

Van Wagenen looked at the starting pitching for a season to be confident moving forward.

"Starting pitching above and beyond everything else. We built this team on the backs of three aces and five starting pitchers with the ability to go on long streaks. The three horses have the talent to line up with everyone in the game.

"The talent level and the health of our players for the most part is there."

You can listen to the entire interview with the Mets GM in the audio player above. 

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