Brodie Van Wagenen Commits To Mickey Callaway As Manager

Mets GM Addresses Manager, Cespedes, Future

May 20, 2019 - 4:09 pm


Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen addressed the media Monday afternoon. There were a multitude of things to discuss, but the main topic was the future of manager Mickey Callaway. Van Wagenen said that Callaway has their full support to lead the team for the foreseeable future. 

"First and foremost, it was to make clear to the coaches, make clear to Mickey and make sure the players understood I, the front office and the entire ownership has support of Mickey Callaway as our manager. Mickey's our manager, Mickey's our manager going forward, and we are going to provide the same support we have for him throughout the offseason, as we have to this point, and we'll continue that effort with full-steam ahead."

Van Wagenen didn't exactly put a timeline on it, but said that they believe Callaway can continue to lead them and turn this 20-25 season around. 

"The accountability that will ultimately fall on this team I want to place on my shoulders. I think that I was the one that put the efforts into helping building this roster; I'll be the one, along with the rest of the front-office team, that will continue to make improvements with this roster as we go forward."

Van Wagenen also addresses Yoenis Cespedes having a fall on his ranch where he had fractures in his ankle. Michael Conforto has been symtom-free for three days from his concussion. 

Mickey Callaway spoke to the media after Van Wagenen. He feels like he has always had support from the team.

"I never felt that I wasn't supported at any time," Callaway said. "And we've always had unbelievable dialogue about how we can do things better. We realize that we have to do things better, and we have to start to winning games. And that's what our focus has been at all times."

Callaway discussed him and the GM having a meeting with the team.

"You worry about that. I think that's why we wanted to address it. But that can never be an excuse. We have to block out everything we possibly can. The players understand that. I understand that. And we're going to go out there every day and continue to try and do that to the best of our ability."

Callaway is still confident they can turn this thing around. 

"We did all of that due diligence this offseason, I feel, and we constructed a club that we expect to go out there and win with. And like Brodie said, we're not going to waver from that. That is truly our belief. We have not done it yet, and we expect that that's going to change."

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