The Mets' Brandon Nimmo hits a triple against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 24, 2018, at Miller Park.


Brandon Nimmo Out Due To Undercooked Chicken

Expected To Return This Weekend

February 27, 2019 - 6:30 pm


It's not even March and the Mets have a new guy out for a new reason almost daily. This time, it wasn't exactly injury related. 

Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo was excused Wednesday because he ate undercooked chicken that he made Tuesday and spent the night throwing up. 

“He cooked some chicken and didn’t know how to cook, so he was throwing up all night,” manager Mickey Callaway said. “We have to teach him how to cook so he doesn’t miss any more games.”

Clearly, Nimmo needs someone to teach him how to cook. Either that or just make a trip to the nearest KFC or Popeye's. Nimmo will be sidelined Thursday as well. The charismatic outfielder played DH Tuesday and is expected to make his first start in the outfield potentially this weekend.