Boone: 'So Much Value' For Yankees Bullpen To Have Extra Rest Before ALCS

Mike's On
October 10, 2019 - 6:01 pm

The Yankees are lying in wait to see whether the Astros or the Rays will emerge victorious from the ALDS.

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Aaron Boone’s team took care of business on Monday when they finished off their sweep of the Minnesota Twins. The Astros set themselves up for the sweep after the first two games, but Tampa fought back to win two at home and force a crucial Game 5. Thus, the Yankees will have a few more days off than whichever team they face in the next round.

Boone joined Mike Francesa on “Mike’s On” on Wednesday evening to discuss the ALCS. The Yankees skipper says it’s a big help that the team has had some extra days off before the next series.

“Frankly, that’s something that, as a player … or even when I took this job initially, that would’ve been something that I would've always had trepidation about. With this group, I don’t worry about it at all,” Boone said on WFAN. “I think there’s so much value for us in the rest, in the recovery, with the way we use our bullpen, for them to have extra days off going into a series I think is huge.”

Part of the reason the Yankees were so dominant against the Twins was because of that bullpen. New York’s relievers did nearly everything they were asked to do against a very dangerous Minnesota lineup. And that bullpen will have to be at its best once again if Boone’s team is going to win and advance to the World Series.

Boone also spoke about Aaron Hicks, who says he’s back healthy after a lengthy injury layoff. The Yankees manager claims that they are still yet to decide whether Hicks will be on the ALCS roster.

“We haven’t decided on it yet. We’re still having that kind of internal debate of what makes the most sense. There’s a scenario where he doesn’t get back on. There’s certainly a scenario where he gets on as a reserve player, with the thought that he could certainly not only get into some games, but also eventually in the series start some games. We’re considering everything with him.”

Hicks returning would be a significant boost to the Yankees lineup and outfield. He hasn’t played since July, but he’s a versatile player who can contribute in a few different ways when he’s playing at the best of his abilities.

Aaron Hicks
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Gleyber Torres is another versatile player at New York’s disposal. Boone had high praise for Torres after the 22-year-old was clutch throughout the Minnesota series.

“Man, Gleyber was really special. You watch back and look at a couple of those plays … clearly he loves being on this stage and has all the confidence to back it up. It’s really exciting to see him continue to grow into this star player that he is.”

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