'Boomer & Gio': Gio Comes Out Swinging At 1-5 Giants

Boomer and Gio
October 12, 2018 - 10:04 am
Giants quarterback Eli Manning is sacked by Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham during the fourth quarter on Oct. 11, 2018, at MetLife Stadium.


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Gregg Giannotti was all sorts of fired up Friday morning after the Giants – with their season all but on the line -- put forth a lackluster effort against the Eagles in prime time.

With the 34-13 loss, Big Blue is now 4-19 in their last 23 games, and like Ben McAdoo before him, head coach Pat Shurmur seems to be in over his head. Making matters worse, Odell Beckham Jr. continues to garner attention for all the wrong reasons, and it’s looking more and more like Eli Manning is not up to the task of leading this team.

Here are some excerpts from Gio's fiery rant:

"The Giants are sitting here at 1-5 with their season over and once again, in back-to-back years, are the laughinstock of the NFL. The New York Giants, one of the proudest organizations in sports, is backing up the worst year in their history with a year that might be worse. So your decision to draft Saquon Barkley, you think it looked good last night because he went off? Think again. Because this was the reason, the exact reason why you don't draft Saquon Barkley No. 2 because the guy has a hundred yards rushing, almost a hundred yards receiving, and you got your ass kicked up and down the field? What does that do for you? Nothing!

"You can't tell me that the Giants don't regret giving Odell Beckham Jr. that contract. This guy, yeah, he's not out there getting suspended for criminal things -- yes, I can hear that argument a million times, I already have. But this guy is a bad teammate. He is a bad teammate, and he is part of the problem. And once again, this is the person who 'galvanized' the team in a loss to the Carolina Panthers after going on TV without his team's permission to slam the city, slam the organization, slam the quarterback with a rapper sitting next to him. (He) goes out there last night, not only leaves the field prior to that final play where they had a shot at a Hail Mary at the end of the half, leaves the field and comes up with some BS excuse about getting an IV. Nonsense. He was acting like a baby, and he left the field because he was ticked off, and he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt.

"And then we've got to see him do these other antics where he's putting on a show for everybody, because that's what he does. He doesn't turn around and scream behind the bench. He's always got to do it so you could see it, throws his helmet down, screams and then goes up to an air-conditioning unit -- maybe it was a ductless mini-split from Samsung, I don't know -- but he goes up to the thing, and he starts punching it and headbutting it for everybody to see because Odell Beckham Jr.'s so frustrated because he's so much better than everybody else. Screw him!"