'Boomer & Gio' Podcast & Moment Of The Day For Nov. 29, 2018

Boomer and Gio
November 29, 2018 - 10:25 am

CBS Sports Network/WFAN

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Joe Benigno’s college education was featured during Thursday’s highly anticipated "Moment of the Day." After that, we took a little trip down WFAN memory lane.

You can listen to -- and download -- all of the memorable audio from Thursday’s edition of the morning show with Boomer and Gio in one nice, little package for your convenience.

This is what we call an action-packed radio program, as it began with some talk about the endless dysfunction that surrounds the football locals, specifically the Giants in this case.  As for the Jets, they may have Sam Darnold back when they travel to Tennessee. Additionally, despite being away, Jerry Recco keeps everyone informed, Baker Mayfield is his own man, the Knicks lose again, so did the Nets, Boomer has an idea for an "Apprentice" reboot, Al Dukes’ pelvic floor muscles somehow become the focus and much more.

Until Friday morning (holla!!!) at 6, when the guys make their return to the airwaves, you stay classy, New York!