Boomer & Gio: Podcast & Moment Of The Day For July 11, 2018

Boomer and Gio
July 11, 2018 - 10:29 am
Boomer & Gio

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For Wednesday’s highly anticipated "Moment of the Day," we had a montage of callers agreeing with Boomer and affirming his greatness.

You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from Wednesday’s edition of the morning show with Boomer & Gio in one nice, little package for your convenience.

After getting "walked off" Tuesday night, Boomer declares the Yankees have a "must-win" situation on their hands against the O’s – a #MustWinWednesday, if you will. Plus, Sonny Gray could be pitching for his Yankees life; the Mets lose, but give it up for SNY for at least trying to make things entertaining; a disturbing story involving LeSean McCoy and Plaxico Burress; the Indians have a communication breakdown, Gregg gets nostalgic for "Madden music"; NBA changes are a coming; and much more.

Until Thursday morning at 6, when the guys make their return to the airwaves, you stay classy, New York!