Boomer & Gio: NBA Hall Of Famer David Robinson

Boomer and Gio
June 21, 2018 - 9:50 am
David Robinson stops by the studio to chat with Boomer and Gio.

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With the NBA draft just a few hours away, Boomer and Gio got a chance to chat with David Robinson, former San Antonio Spur and NBA hall of famer, on behalf of Verizon. The former Spurs player talked about Kawhi Leonard, what went wrong with he and the Spurs organization and what might be in store for his future.

"I expect and I hope he's going to be a Spur..." Robinson told Boomer & Gio. "Everybody's not built the same. You've got a young guy, he's just growing up, trying to figure out who he is and what he wants. Obviously we all want him in San Antonio. We think it's a dream situation. But that doesn't matter if we think it is. You're following after Tim Duncan and you get to be in a legendary franchise... Maybe that's not how he's seeing it.

"In this league, everything is about communication. If you can sit down and actually talk to people and don't let the outside forces drive you to make choices, that's a big difference. I still think there's a tremendous amount of respect between him and Popovich. They both think highly of each other and they both respect the job that they do."

Plus, listen as Robinson talks about some of the current prospects in this NBA's draft; specifically find out how he feels about some of the big men in this draft. As well as what it was like being on the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, the current state of the NBA and his opinion of the Golden State Warriors.

"I like to see the big guys coming back into the game," the Hall of Fame center said Thursday morning. "I like the three-point shot okay, it's fun to watch these guys shoot it. But this is about defense. It's about making stops. The Warriors are who they are because they actually get after you. They have guys that are committed to the defensive side of the floor. You've got [Andre> Iguodala, a heck of a defensive player. [Draymond> Green, who's a heck of a defensive player.... Those guys get after you defensively, and that's where teams have to get stronger and get more solid.

"These big guys, you have a guy like [DeAndre> Ayton, or just a big body like [Mo> Bamba, who can protect the paint. Clint Capela is playing a big-time role for the Houston Rockets. He's given them the ability to be as solid as they are."

Last but not least, hear what David had to say when asked about the Lebron vs Jordan debate.