Boomer Esiason: Jets Are Mammoth Mess, Surprising Trades Might Be In Store

Boomer and Gio
October 28, 2019 - 9:27 am

The Jets are a "mess of mammoth proportions," WFAN's Boomer Esiason said Monday morning, adding that he thinks the team could trade away some players who "may surprise us" before Tuesday's deadline.

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On the "Boomer and Gio" show the morning after the Jets lost to the Jaguars 29-15 to fall to 1-6, Esiason said Adam Gase, and not general manager Joe Douglas, is the one truly in control of the Jets and won't tolerate any players who might be questioning the direction of the team under his leadership.

"I know there's a general manager in name only," Esiason said. "We haven't seen nor heard from him at all. This is Adam Gase's team. This is the mess that he has created, and when you lose and your team starts to splinter away from you, which I feel like is happening, you're going to have some very vocal personalities in that locker room that he himself is going to want to get rid of because he has to control his team."

Boomer did not mention any players by name who he thinks might be dealt.

Esiason added that the way the Jets have handled the Kelechi Osemele situation will only make matters worse. The All-Pro guard was released Saturday after having shoulder surgery the team did not approve. 

"The whole Kelechi Osemele thing is a reflection of Adam Gase," Esiason said. "Why you would even get into a fight with a player who obviously needed surgery and go through this whole rigmarole and what that does to the locker room ... 

"What this does, on top of the losing, it kind of now gives the players a reason to turn their backs on their coaches. And that's a very fragile thing, man.

"This is a mess of mammoth proportions for the New York Jets now," Boomer added. "It is completely out of whack. And that's why I think that there could be more guys than we think being moved out of here if Adam Gase has his way. Because he's not going to put up with the locker-room lawyers under the guise of losing and on top of this whole Kelechi Osemele thing with this quarterback basically melting down the last two weeks."

Jets coach Adam Gase
Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Gregg Giannotti, Esiason's co-host, said the Jets have to be careful if they start trading away players. 

"There are some talented players on this roster, and you can't just be paring guys off and getting rid of them for what they're not worth because you're pissed off at them," he said.

Gio also said he found Boomer's comment about Douglas being the GM in name only "alarming."

"Joe Douglas is a highly respected personnel guy in the league," Giannotti said. "If he comes in here now and does not have more say about the roster than Adam Gase, then that's a big problem in my eyes."

"I'm just telling you right now this is Adam Gase's team. It is," Esiason said. "And it's basically spiraling out of control."

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