'Boomer And Gio': Why Aren't Yankees Making The Back Pages?

Boomer and Gio
August 09, 2019 - 9:14 am

The Yankees own the best record in baseball, have won nine straight games and clobbered the Blue Jays 12-6 on Thursday night. Yet they're somehow being overshadowed in their own city.

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What gives?

"They are nowhere to be found on the back pages of the newspapers today," WFAN's Gregg Giannotti noted on Friday's "Boomer and Gio" show. "It's crazy. This team continues to win. They're in the midst of one of the great regular seasons that they have had with all the injuries and everything they've overcome, and they're nowhere to be found on the back pages. It's all about Daniel Jones and the Mets and the Nationals. They're so good that people don't care right now. How is that possible?"

Despite the winning streak -- and the ridiculous power surge in Baltimore this week that saw the Yanks club 16 homers in the three-game sweep -- the Bombers have not appeared on the back pages of the New York Post and Daily News since Monday.

"The Yankees (are) a victim of their own success," said Jerry Recco, who was filling in for Boomer Esiason on Friday's show. "Unfortunately for them, when you're as good as they've been and had the season they had last year, we knew going into this season anything short of at least getting to the World Series would be a failure -- and I think they would say that, too. And they are just running away with the AL East. They're doing what they're supposed to be doing to these bad teams.

"I kind of get why they're not on the back page. You're right, a nine-game winning streak you think we'd be going goo-goo, gaga over, but no."


Giannotti said the Yankees could use a new challenge.

"The challenge should have been that they've sustained all these injuries throughout the year," he said. "That should be the challenge that they were supposed to have, and it hasn't worked out that way because they've overcome every single one of those.

"They're a team that is a juggernaut, and that's not going to stop over the weekend, that's for sure."

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