'Boomer And Gio': Steve Cohen Can Be 'Savior' Of Mets

Boomer and Gio
December 05, 2019 - 9:03 am

Steve Cohen is the name on the lips of Mets fans everywhere as an ownership change begins to take shape in Queens.

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Cohen is not a new outfielder or reliever, but he could still represent a big change to the organization. The Mets announced Wednesday that Cohen is negotiating with the Wilpons to purchase a controlling stake in the franchise.

This news was music to the ears of Gregg Giannotti. Gio kicked off his Thursday morning show, with Boomer Esiason, on WFAN by thanking Cohen for “swooping” in to save the Mets from the Wilpons ownership.

“Steve Cohen, our savior. Steve Cohen, we bow to thee. Steve Cohen, we love you! You have swooped down to save us from the Wilpons,” said Gio. “The more you read about this guy, there’s going to be some action happening in the next couple of years. It’s not going to be five years where Fred and Jeff are still in control by name. Maybe even as soon as next year, Steve Cohen’s cash is going to save us from this nonsense we’ve been dealing with for years and years and years. I never thought I’d see the day.”

Fred Wilpon has been the sole owner of the Mets since he finished buying out Nelson Doubleday Jr. back in 2002. The Wilpons period of ownership has been criticized for a lack of planning, a lack of spending and a lack of results. The Mets have only made the playoffs three times in those 17 years, and their only trip to the World Series ended in defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Royals.

Fans have been asking for the Wilpons to go for years, and now they might actually be getting their wish.

Steve Cohen
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There is always the worry with these huge deals that some part of the agreement will fall apart, but Boomer seemed confident, as it is a good time for the Wilpons to sell, and they are already familiar with Cohen due to previous investments with him.

“Remember, they are now valuing this team at $2.6 billion,” said Esiason. “So, this would be a very good time to sell. This is the high time to sell. And to do it the right way, with somebody that is already within your company, makes a lot of sense for me.”

The initial word on the deal is that there is a five-year plan in place for Cohen to take over majority ownership from the Wilpons. Despite that buffer, Gio thinks the Mets will be under direction by Cohen to be spending more well before those five years are up.

“It seems like, even though it’s a five-year plan to get Fred and Jeff out of the majority ownership, that as soon as next year with his deep pockets … Steve Cohen’s going to want to spend some more money, starting next offseason. Even if we don’t see any change in five years, the fact that there’s a plan in five years for this guy, who seems to be the exact opposite mentality of what the Wilpons are … I think that that’s a good thing.”

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