'Boomer And Gio': Podcast And Moment Of The Day For June 12, 2019

Boomer and Gio
June 12, 2019 - 10:28 am

CBS Sports Network/WFAN

Wednesday’s highly anticipated Moment of the Day was a two-parter, as we heard what it sounds like when the Booms gets a little hot under the collar.

You can listen to -- and download -- all of the memorable audio from Wednesday’s edition of the morning show with Boomer and Gio in one nice, little package for your convenience. The Subway Series saw each team walk away with a win, the Yankees have a real need for pitching, Kevin Durant is in New York, some NBA free agency speculation, it doesn’t sound like Pat Shurmur is currying favor to Eli any longer, Team USA routs Thailand, Joe Douglas seems like a great fit for the Jets, the Raiders will be featured on HBO’s "Hard Knocks," some softball tales, Al Dukes makes no apologies for his protective gear, Boomer keeps his own pitch count, and much more. 

Until Thursday at 6 a.m., when the guys make their return to the airwaves, you be sure to stay classy, New York!