'Boomer And Gio': NBA Draft Lottery Was Like Opening A Disappointing Christmas Gift

Boomer and Gio
May 15, 2019 - 9:25 am

By WFAN.com

WFAN's Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti spent Wednesday morning's show coping with the reality that Zion Williamson is not New York bound.

The Knicks were among three teams in Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery with the best chance (14%) of landing the No. 1 pick, which undoubtedly will be used on Duke's superstar forward. But the New Orleans Pelicans were the big winners, while New York ended up with the third pick.

The dreams over Williamson wearing orange and blue have now officially been shattered.

"Hey (Commissioner) Adam Silver, your NBA lottery thing worked, and it screwed the biggest possible deal in the history of the league when you think about where we are, what we're talking about, what teams we're talking about," Esiason said. "I mean, like after the whole thing was over last night, they're sitting there talking about the Grizzlies and the Pelicans, and I'm like: 'What? OK, goodbye.'"

Added Giannotti: "For all the people that said, 'This is what the NBA wanted, this was the anti-tanking, this sent a message' -- this can't possibly be what the NBA wanted, having the Pelicans and Grizzlies sitting there fighting over Zion Williamson."

The Memphis Grizzlies were awarded the second pick.

Many mock drafts have Murray State point guard Ja Morant going second and Duke shooting guard RJ Barrett going third.


"It was like so disappointing," Esiason said of the lottery. "It was like opening a Christmas present. You're just hoping to open that great Christmas present, and you open it up and it's something either you've already had or something you don't really want."

"Yeah, it was like the time that my aunt sent me a tarantula, a dead tarantula," Giannotti said.

"RJ Barrett is not a dead tarantula, if they go RJ Barrett," Esiason said.

"Well, that's the way I felt last night," Gio responded.

Now the focus turns toward which big-name veterans the Knicks can land this summer. Golden State's Kevin Durant and Boston's Kyrie Irving, who are expected to hit free agency, have been linked to New York in media reports, and the Knicks might also explore a trade for Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis.

The Knicks have the cap space needed to sign two max-level free agents.

"This is where now (Knicks general manager) Scott Perry and (team president) Steve Mills got to go to work, and you've got to figure out," Esiason said. "You've got to go through all the process. You've got to meet these guys. You've got to look at them. They're going to have the combine and all that other stuff. And you've either got to make the right pick or you've got to try to trade for Anthony Davis."

Said Gio: "I'm angry, I'm pissed, I'm disappointed, I'm heartbroken, I'm everything that you could possibly be from last night. But at the end of all those things, I'm still hopeful. I'm still hopeful that next year will be a big year for the Knicks because of free agency."

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