Bob Baffert On Justify: ‘He’s LeBron’

A Different Personality Than American Pharoah

Mike's On
May 21, 2018 - 5:24 pm



Bob Baffert joined Mike’s On Monday, confessing to Mike Francesa that the close outcome of Saturday’s Preakness win for Justify was exactly the “tough race” the horse needed.

Baffert explained his confidence in Justify, praising his ability to rebound after the first two legs of the Triple Crown. “He’s recovered much quicker than American Pharoah,” Baffert said.

“First time we worked him,” Baffert said was when he knew Justify was special. Although he noted that they weren’t thinking about the Kentucky derby right away.  

Taking a different approach with Justify than he did with American Pharoah three years ago, Baffert remembered that shipping American Pharoah around was taxing on him, and he chose not to do that this time around with Justify.

"This horse, even though he’s run five races right in a row, if you look at him, you wouldn’t know it,” Baffert said, promoting the strength of the horse. He added, “He’s LeBron.”

Drawing upon more sports references, Baffert said that New England Patriot’s head coach Bill Belichick told him before the Preakness, “He’d definitely be defense,” confirming Justify’s tough nature.

Personality-wise, Justify is nothing like American Pharoah and his jovial nature. “You can walk up to him, he’ll give you four seconds of touching him, then he’ll try to bite your head off.”

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