Bill Belichick Is Asked About Joe Benigno Jets Rant

Pats Coach, WFAN Host Have Been Friendly In Past

Joe & Evan
October 23, 2019 - 2:23 pm

As he often does after a brutal Jets loss, Joe Benigno ripped the team and its head coach Tuesday.

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His angry rant about Monday night's 33-0 loss to the Patriots was heard all the way up in Boston, as WFAN's sister station WEEI played it on the air. Meanwhile, legendary Pats coach Bill Belichick was on the phone waiting to be interviewed, heard everything Joe had to say and then was asked about it.

"Joe could be tough," the six-time Super Bowl champion head coach said. "I love Joe. 

"I've heard Joe's rant before, and I've been on the other end of that, too. But he's very passionate, and Jet fans are very passionate."

Benigno said he and Belichick have "a little bit of a relationship." Benigno said Belichick would sometimes hear his overnight show when the coach worked on Bill Parcells' staff in New England in the 1990s, and then when the Parcells and Belichick ended up with the Jets, Belichick reached out to Benigno wanting to meet him.

Benigno, a die-hard Jets fan, said he watched game film with Belichick, had dinner with him and other associates of his and even once received a congratulatory phone call from the then-assistant coach after Gang Green won the AFC East in 1998.

"I feel very priviledged that the greatest coach of all-time actually feels that way about me, has that kind of respect for me," Benigno said. 

Bill Belichick
David Butler II/USA TODAY Images

As for Belichick's comment about being on the wrong end of a Benigno rant, Joe said he doesn't recall that.

"I don't think I've ever killed him," he said. " ... There really has never been anything to kill Bill about. You want to get on him because he's beating my team. What's there to get on him about? He's undoubtedly the greatest coach that ever lived. It's not even a debate now."

Of course, Belichick was the head coach of Benigno's favorite team for one day in January 2000 before backing out and heading to New England. Jets fans have been asking "what if?" ever since. 

But Benigno said he understands what Belichick was thinking. 

"I always say that No. 1, he didn't want to follow Parcells," Joe said. "I think he never wanted to be looked at that he was ever on Parcells' coattails. I think that's No. 1. And I think No. 2, he knew -- 'cause he's a smart guy, as we know -- he knew that the Johnsons were going to be brutal owners."

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