Best Of 'Mike And The Mad Dog': San Francisco Giants Break Chris’ Heart Again

Mike & The Mad Dog
October 10, 2019 - 11:05 am



Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is a vocal, lifelong San Francisco Giants fan. So imagine his pain in 2003 when the Giants, still looking for their first world title since leaving New York in 1957, were eliminated from the postseason for the second time by the Marlins, a team that had only been in existence for 10 years at the time.

In this classic clip from Oct. 6, 2003, Russo rants to Mike Francesa about the Marlins’ NLDS win over San Francisco.

“Why waste my time?” Mad Dog says. “Every single freakin’ year I get myself juiced up for this stupid team, and at 43 years of age and three kids, enough already! Let them go hurt somebody else!”

Of course, the Giants have won three world championships since 2010, so all is well with Dog now on that front.