Bart Scott: 'Classless' Colts Fans 'Showed Exactly What They're Made Of' By Booing Andrew Luck

Quarterback Announced Retirement Saturday Night

Moose & Maggie
August 26, 2019 - 3:31 pm

Andrew Luck's retirement was met with boos from Colts fans Saturday night, but WFAN's Bart Scott said no one should question the quarterback's decision to walk away.

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Of course, Scott, a former Jets and Ravens linebacker, can relate, having been pushed toward retirement by health concerns himself. 

Scott revealed for the first time publicly that he began considering retirement in 2011 when he started to experience extreme sensitivity to light.

"I never told anybody," Scott said on Monday's "Carlin, Maggie and Bart" show. "This is the first anybody heard of it. I would be in the light, and I just couldn't see for a while. And I was like, 'I don't know what's going on.'"

Scott played one more season after that, but the combination of a toe injury, "scary facts" emerging about concussions in football and his occassional loss of vision in bright lights led him to call it a career at age 32.

Luck announced his retirement Saturday, saying injuries have worn on him mentally and sapped his love of the game. Not only did the announcement elicit boos from Colts fans, it drew criticism from several media personalities. Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb tweeted: "Retiring cause rehabbing is ‘too hard’ is the most millennial thing ever." Dan Dakich, a radio host in Indianapolis, tweeted: "I have family working in steel mills..cops..teachers making far less and this guy is ‘tired’….. my backside."

"He has nothing to be ashamed of," Scott said of Luck. "Four Pro Bowls, Comeback Player of the Year, but his body gave up. And when your body gives up, you have to make a decision about the quality of life, because really his obligation isn't to the fans of the Indianapolis, it's to his family -- it's the people that care about him."

 Andrew Luck walks off the field after the game against the Chicago Bears at Lucas Oil Stadium on Aug. 24, 2019.
Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Images

Scott had a real problem with the boos that rained down on Luck, who has been sidelined since the spring with a lower-leg injury, as he walked off the field following Saturday's preseason game at Lucas Oil Stadium. 

"They showed exactly what they're made of with the classless act that they decided to boo this man after he made the toughest decision of his life," Scott said.

Scott said Luck endured "felony assault" for the hits he took behind a putrid offensive line early in his career, which caused him to miss the entire 2017 season after undergoing shoulder surgery.

"And then they finally draft the offensive linemen, and they misdiagnosed him multiple times, and he played hurt," Scott said. "And nobody understands what it feels like and how lonely -- you ever talk to an athlete and they tell you how lonely it is, like you're isolated away from the team and you have to rehab constantly and you're sitting there wondering what's wrong with your body.

"You want to try to trust your training staff, but they're double agents because part of their job is to make sure that you feel like you're healthy enough to play and trying to lean on you like: 'Oh, man, you can play through it. This is what tough guys do,'" the former linebacker continued. "So then finally when his body's broken, he hasn't played since April and they keep telling him it's a calf -- I've never seen anyone have a calf strain that takes four or five months to heal. Then they say it's the Achilles, it's the calf, now we don't know what it is, and all along he's having to worry about the quality of his life."

Scott's co-host Chris Carlin agreed Luck doesn't deserve the backlash he received. 

"This is one of those things to me: Don't try to climb up in somebody else's head," Carlin said. "You don't know what's going on. You don't know what's going on in somebody else's body. This is a guy that at 29 years old is choosing to walk away from probably another $250 million at some point."

But co-host Maggie Gray suggested the fans should get a pass.

"It's in the moment, you're reacting emotionally because you've gotten this news, you haven't processed it yet, and it's just a gut reaction of, 'Hey, our season's about to start,'" she said.

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