Adam Gase: Calling Plays Is 'Best Part Of The Job'

Jets New HC Joined Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa
January 15, 2019 - 3:48 pm


New Jets head coach Adam Gase's eyes were the talk of the town (and the internet) after his introductory press conference Monday. It was much easier for Jets fans to listen to the new head coach speak on the radio Tuesday when he joined WFAN's Mike Francesa. 

Mike asked him first about his new defensive coordinator reportedly Gregg Williams, but since it isn't official yet, Gase could not comment. He did shed some light on what he wants in his defensive coordinator.

“I want to hire a guy that has plenty of experience and can run his defense and really with the parameters of the personnel we have,” Gase said. “I want to spend my time with the offense and do everything I can to keep those three phases working together." 

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Gase also explained what he wants in his coaching staff.

"I love guys that bring swagger, attitude, want to defense every blade of grass, want to make practices competitive," said Gase. "That's how to me it starts. If your practices feel like a game, then you're going to perform better in the game. 

On the offensive side, Gase will take care of the play-calling. 

"I'm going to call the plays. Mike, that's the best part of the job," Gase stated.  

Gase will mostly stick with the offense, except for a few occassions, when necessary.

"The only time I bring something to their attention (to the defense) is if it's some kind of situational, where it's timeouts might be coming or four-minute, two-minute situations or end of the half what we're looking to do," Gase said. "I try not to really get demanding with the defensive coordinator. I never liked it when you felt like somebody was looking over your shoulder and constantly hounding you on calls." 

Gase also said he believes he will get a high percentage of the guys he wants on the coaching staff. 

Listen to Mike's entire chat with Gase above.