Adam Gase On 'Boomer And Gio': Much Of Jets Offense Inspired By Peyton Manning

Boomer and Gio
August 12, 2019 - 9:42 am

Peyton Manning's fingerprint is all over the Jets' offense, coach Adam Gase says.

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Gase was Manning's offensive coordinator from 2013-14 with the Denver Broncos. It was a tranformative relationship for Gase in his coaching career -- and Manning benefited, too, enjoying a record-breaking season in 2013, when he passed for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns en route to a Super Bowl. 

Gase has since applied much of what he learned from Manning to his offensive schemes.

"I think a lot of ... the way that we operate as an offense, it's based around kind of what we did together and a lot of the things that I saw him do and a lot of the things that I learned (about) how he went about a weekly preparation," Gase told WFAN's "Boomer and Gio" show Monday. "It's just like so much of it is him that we've taken from how he did things. It's hard to really pinpoint one thing, but the quarterback obviously, the way we do everything with him, is all from him."

But does second-year quarterback Sam Darnold have the personality to make the Manning-inspired offense work in New York? 

"He's great," Gase said. "He rolls with the punches better than anybody I've ever been around." 

Jets coach Adam Gase
Vincent Carchietta/USA TODAY Images

In January, the Jets hired Gase, who was fired after three seasons as the Miami Dolphins' head coach. Four months later, Mike Maccagnan, the team's general manager since 2015, was let go. The initial speculation was that Gase won a power struggle with the GM, but Gase and acting owner Christopher Johnson have insisted that wasn't the case.

"I'm sure there was a lot of things that happened before I got here," Gase said. "I mean, I've only been here three months."

When asked about the perception that he shoved Maccagnan out, Gase joked, "I must be a tougher guy than what I realize."

The Jets hired former Eagles executive Joe Douglas to replace Maccagnan. Gase and Douglas had worked together with the Chicago Bears. Gase downplayed any suggestion that Douglas was his hand-picked guy. The coach said he and Johnson "had discussions" about the GM search, "and it was more about finding the right guy for him."

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Gase said he actually knew most of the candidates for the job.

"There's not a lot guys that I don't know, and I started in scouting," he said. "I was 24 years old, and all the guys that are kind of coming up as GM candidates now, we were all growing up together. So it's a smaller profession than what you realize."

Gase described his own interview with Johnson, saying he didn't bend over backward to try to impress the Jets CEO. But they connected nonetheless.

"I think this was like my 13th interview for a head coaching job," he said. "So I mean, I don't walk in there with a book. I'm like, 'What do you guys want to know?' Everybody's (saying), 'Well, do you got your book ready?' I'm like, 'What book?' I've done this so many times on those interviews, and it was easy to be comfortable. He (Johnson) made it easy."