Aaron Boone: Injuries Have Made Us Stronger, Tougher

LISTEN: Yankees Manager Joined Mike Francesa

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September 13, 2019 - 3:48 pm

The Yankees hope they finish with the best record in baseball so they can finish with home-field throughout the playoffs. They are two games up on both the Astros and Dodgers. 

Yankees manager Aaron Boone joined Mike Francesa on WFAN Friday to talk about the final weeks of the season and its importance. 

"It's that balance of always trying to strike. We are certainly aware of that and certainly would love that to happen," Boone said. "We got to try and make sure our guys stay as healthy as possible and stay as fresh as possible." 

On the injury front, Boone said he feels confident that Gary Sanchez, who suffered a groin strain, will return by the end of the season. Edwin Encarnacion has an internal oblique strain, and Boone says he should return by the end of the season. J.A. Happ had a cortisone injection Friday and he is expected to make his next start.

It's insane how good this team has been with all the injuries they have endured. 

"It has been unlike anything I've probably seen and obviously been in this game a long time, but it's been part of our story," Boone said. "It's part of what has made us strong, made us tougher. I think it's a tribute to our organization and the players we have in it that have been able to step up and really have impactful roles."

It surely hasn't slowed the Yankees down. 

"It's certainly has been remarkable the volume, but again, it's something our guys have not flinched over," Boone said. "It's been something that has made them stronger and we know what we're capable of with then men we have now and obviously hoping we get several more in the mix by the end of the season." 

You can hear the entire conversation with Francesa and the Yankees manager in the audio player above.