'30 With Murti' Podcast: The Stories Behind Tyler Kepner's New Book, 'K'

Sweeny Murti
April 24, 2019 - 10:07 am
The cover of “K:  A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches"

Tyler Kepner, the national baseball writer for The New York Times, has written a different kind of baseball history book. It’s called “K:  A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches,” from Doubleday.

In this new episode of "30 With Murti," we are joined by Kepner to talk about the stories behind the book, which traces baseball from Walter Johnson’s fastball to Sandy Koufax’s curveball to Mariano Rivera’s cutter. Stories about how pitches are passed down from one generation to another, to the mastery of such pitches that end up taking these men to highest reaches in the game.

Take a listen here and purchase the book anywhere books are sold.