Slade Heathcott in 2015


'30 With Murti' Podcast: Slade Heathcott Wants To Improve Minor Leaguers' Lives

March 22, 2019 - 11:31 am

In recent days and weeks, there has been talk of the plight of minor league players, who work for a meager salary and in living conditions that don’t seem to fit what many believe to be the lifestyle of a professional baseball player.

But there is a difference in the lifestyle of a professional player and a major league player, and there is now at least some momentum toward making that situation better. This week the Toronto Blue Jays announced significant pay increases across the board for their minor league players, and other teams are soon to follow.

Slade Heathcott, a former first-round pick of the New York Yankees who had the proverbial cup of coffee in the major leagues in 2015, has been outspoken about this cause as well as others of a more humanitarian nature that have grabbed his attention. Now he is giving these causes his time and effort as part of life after baseball.

In this edition of the "30 With Murti" podcast, we talk with Heathcott about his new path and how he is hoping to change the lives of minor league players -- and people -- all over the world.

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